Advertising & messaging research

Awareness & Understanding

Our marketing communications research can be carried out in focus groups, depth interviews and/or telephone interviews to measure awareness and understand perceptions. Awareness can be difficult to pinpoint and while qualitative research may help find appropriate messages, we often need to have some measurements to tell us whether or not it will be effective.

With the help of focus groups and one-to-one depth interviews, we take your potential customers through the promotional journey, which begins with awareness, leads to interest, and hopefully results in purchase.

We listen to your customers and potential customers and look to find out what proportion of the target audience think an advert is compelling, relevant, appropriate and clear, and whether the call to action is successful. After all, these are the people who buy or may buy your products, so your communications must resonate with them.

From this research we will help you develop your communications strategy to maximise impact and effectiveness. This includes refining and testing the ads through our communications testing research before they are launched.Construction Market Research