Customer satisfaction surveys

Listen to your customers

How satisfied are your customers? What do they like best about your company, brand or product? The most effective way to find out is to ask them directly. A customer satisfaction survey provides the ideal method for gaining many different types of insight and a deeper understanding of your customer base. It will help you understand what customers like, not just about the product but also about the service, and identify where there are opportunities for improvement.

Knowing how existing customers perceive your company, your brand, your products and service offering enables you to make fact-based decisions and improve customer loyalty in the longer term. It can also help you give you strategic direction, including for pricing. You can also gain insight on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and may even end up with customer testimonials that you can use in your marketing!

We use sophisticated analytical techniques – see our list of services for more detail. A net promoter score questionnaire may be used to indicate your position. Customer surveys will usually be undertaken in the form of telephone interviews, based on a customer list provided by you. Responses can be presented as anonymous or personally attributed, but either way, we aim to include as much commentary as possible when presenting the results.

Though reporting will be fact-based, we will work with you to put the survey results into context and provide workable recommendations and action plans based on our extensive research experience in the building industry. Get in touch today to find out more.