Decision maker research

Target effectively

It is essential to identify who makes the decisions that count for your particular product in the market segment you are targeting – and also who influences the decision maker. Getting this right allows you to tailor your marketing and communications strategy and deliver targeted messages, as well as manage the overall sales process more effectively.

Find out if the key decision maker is the contractor, the client, the specifier or even the consumer or end-user, but also who within those organisations to target. It could be the contracts manager, the buyer, the architect, the service engineer or the managing director – or even all of them.

We can provide a full assessment of buying and specification processes in the sector including key influencers and major selection criteria, as well as the role of the different types of influencers in the market. The research programme can be designed to fully suit your needs, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of the specification and buying processes that apply to your product or business.

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