Customer satisfaction surveys

How satisfied are your customers? What do they like best about your company, brand or product? The most effective way to find out what their views are is to ask them directly.

Brand mapping & positioning

Brand position is the set of perceptions, impressions, ideas and feelings that customers have for a product or service compared with their competition. 

New product development & concept testing

Concept testing can help you reshape and refine ideas so they have greater potential for market acceptance and ensure you launch the right product for the right market.

Advertising & messaging research (marcom testing)

A significant amount of our marketing communications research is carried out in focus groups and interviews to find out how awareness is built because very often awareness is difficult to pinpoint.

Product usage & application surveys

It could be risky to assume that you know how your customers are using your products. A product usage survey allows you to gain important knowledge about how, when and why your products are used.

Decision maker research

It is essential to identify who makes the decisions that count for you – and also who influences the decision maker. Getting this right allows you to tailor your marketing and communications strategy and deliver targeted messages.

Quarterly trend surveys

The marketplace is constantly changing, and it’s important not to become complacent and to continue to keep up with changes in the market or influencing factors that may affect you, even if your business is successful.

Market reviews

Comprehensive market reviews, evaluating the size of the market or mapping out the structure of the industry, can support planning and forecasting, and help identify new development opportunities.

Competitive landscape mapping

It is always useful to know your position in the market in relation to the competition, and a benchmarking survey, a mystery shopping  or competitive landscape mapping exercise could provide the answers you need.