Competitive landscape mapping

Know your competitors

It is always useful to know your position in the market and where you stand in relation to the competition. Questions you may want answered include; how crowded the marketplace is, who the leading players are, and how big your share is of the market is, as a whole and within your specific sector, in addition to reviewing what your strengths and weaknesses are.

We can provide a review of the opportunities and threats relevant to a planned or existing product, in order to determine its competitive advantages or unique selling points. When preparing to launch a new product it is essential to find out as much as possible about what competitors are doing in order to ensure there is a place in the market for the new product.

Our competition reviews can look into competing companies, products or specific ranges in terms of relative market positioning within a given market, as well as size, profitability, strengths and weaknesses of leading players. We can also provide profiles of individual companies, their size, activity, product range and development over time.

Whether you require initial competitor profiling, which can take place using mostly desk research, a mystery shopping exercise or a benchmarking survey, we will ensure to deliver workable recommendations that fit your business and research needs.

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